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If you are looking for winning picks, you are in the right place. f you are a full time sports bettor or successful part-timer you can profit instantly from this site, OR if you're a recreational bettor or fantasy sports customer we can cut years from your learning time & help you earn while you learn...Here's how:

You can profit right away from the articles in the center column and below, even if you're already a seasoned pro! These articles promise ways to boost your profits, starting today. If you're a part-time bettor these articles might be the most profitable reading you've done in years. In many ways they define the difference between real pros and the countless phonies that stalk the Internet. The experts here are the most respected in the business. 

At our Order page we offer 'how-to' books & informational materials guaranteed to sharpen your handicapping skills and boost your profit!

...But if you're already a successful player, consider Professional Gambler Newsletter. PGN is published 365 days a year and emailed every morning. You get our picks, analysis, 'how-to' tips, articles and other news. We handicap NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA football and basketball. You can use our picks 'as is' or compare them to your own forecasts. (You can monitor our picks at our Track Us page).

EXPERTS HERE ARE GENUINE PROS. If you are looking for ‘free picks’ and 80% winners, you're in the wrong place. We do not reveal customers' identities to anyone for any reason. Your privacy is important to us.  






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JV Miller, Publisher

 JV Miller is widely regarded as one of the world’s top sports handicappers. JV is featured regularly as a handicapping expert on television, radio, podcasts, and at seminars and educational institutions around the world. Miller's work has been recognized by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. JV finished first place in the Marina Bay Sands Millennium Million Dollar NFL Contest against over one thousand top sports handicappers. Gambling Times Magazine calls JV “one of the last legitimate handicappers-for-hire on the web.”



Could YOU Be a Professional Gambler?

The main difference between pros and non-pros is…

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Winning Percentages

Get an inside look at the winning percentages of professional handicappers.

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 Sports Betting Money Management

Money management is easy to explain. It is almost impossible to adhere to.

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Sports Betting as a Business

If you’ve got what it takes, it’s the best job in the world

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A Crash Course in Vigorish

Who pays how much? It’s not who you think and it’s not 4.55%

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How to Make Money Betting NFL Football

Spot elusive but profitable scenarios.

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Best Way to Gamble

Once you understand how sports betting works, it's obvious you can win. The best way to gamble is…

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Sports Betting as a Business Since 1997







 The New York Times

“The Millers are a small percentage who have made a career out of gambling…earning all of their income from gambling.”

Business, November 9, 1997

Article: EARNING IT. Life’s a Gamble. A Few People Make It a Profession

By Staff Writer Andrew Bluth

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 “We sought out a few pointers from people who have made a living from sports betting…Mr. Miller likes to focus on four key numbers…”

January 29, 2012

Article: Enjoy the Game, Don’t Lose the Bet

By Staff Writer Matthew Futterman

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