• My name is Nita Miller Graves. 
  • I am the daughter of the late, world-renowned, Sports Handicapper, J.R. Miller.
  • I am now the sole owner of my father's webite and domain name - which my father owned and managed since 1997.
  • It is with a heavy heart I announce that I have decided to sell the domain name, which I inherited from my father's estate. I have decided to sell simply because I cannot provide the same services that my father offered to his loyal customer base.  My father devoted many hours of his life researching, perfecting and writing about data and advice on how to become a professional gambler and make a successful living with sports betting.  My father was well respected among professional gamblers worldwide because of the honest integrity in which he operated his business, as well as personal life. 
  • I do not have the experience (nor the time to learn) to continue to offer the same advice, newsletters and services that my father worked so hard to build.  So, while this site is "FOR SALE", I have created this simple site as an affiliate with a few trusted companies, listed below, that are in the sports betting, gambling and entertainment industry.
  • Until this site and domain name is sold, feel free to visit any of our affiliate partners by clicking on their links below.
  • I would like to thank each and every one of you who knew my father and reached out to our family with kind messages, cards and emails.  

  • Feel free to visit any of the sites below and simply CLICK on their link if you would like to continue your search for information or for your own entertainment purposes.  If you are interested in purchasing, please email me at 
  • Thank you!  
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